Gleissner Law will bring a team of professionals together to assist in the right sizing of the business whether that sizing requires a more cost effective operation, the liquidation of nonproductive assets or a restructuring of the business’s debt structure.

Debt Restructuring Specialists

To assist in the specialized negotiations with certain type of creditors, like the Internal Revenue Service.

Crisis Management or Business Consultant

To make a more cost effective operation.Generally, these types of professionals are costly and it requires a sizeable business platform to justify a professional to be retained by the business to do reductions in force, operational analysis to determine the profitability on the operational level, thirteen week cash flow budgets, and business projections. Still, in the correct environment, a crisis manager or business consultant can provide the necessary guidance to turn a business around.

Broker Services

To assist in the liquidation of non-productive assets or seek to obtain a return on the investment of the current assets of the business.The liquidation may involve the sale of an entire business division, the sale of real property owned by the business, the sale of stock in the business, the sale of underperforming equipment, or the sale of some other asset of the business. Each type of asset needs a different type of broker professional.