Since 2007, business has faced the worst recession since World War II and businesses have had to react. To help its business clientele or the entrepreneur deal with the financial distress created by this recession, Gleissner Law offers:

  1. Enterprise Development

    With a proactive approach in getting businesses to understand the legal nature of the various relationships in the present environment, Gleissner Law assists in the creation, growth and development of its business clients.

  2. Restructuring Assistance

    Gleissner Law will bring a team of professionals together to assist in the right sizing of the business whether that right sizing requires a more cost effective operation, the liquidation of non-productive assets or a restructuring of the business’s debt structure.

  3. Litigation Assistance

    With twenty (20) years of experience in complex commercial litigation, Gleissner Law defends businesses and individuals from the crush of financial institutions that want to disavow relationships established when business was good.

  4. Bankruptcy Assistance

    Sometimes a business is faced with being an unwilling participant in the bankruptcy of: a vendor, a customer, a landlord, a tenant, an employee, or someone else that the business has had a relationship with.

With over 20 years of experience in some of the most complex commercial situations in South Carolina, Gleissner Law has developed a sophisticated practice designed to assist our clients with handling and avoiding the common, and not-so-common, pitfalls associated with business in today’s economy.

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